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Patrycja Betley (Napierała)

Percussionist associated with Polish scene Ethno performers as Shannon, Same Suki , Kayah & Transoriental Orchestra, Sam Yoon, Hoboud, Pompadur. For nearly two decades, she has also been playing in bands such as Balkan Sevdah, Danar, Karpatia, Kayanis, Maayan, Pako Sarr and so on. Her first musical steps she stood in Swarzędz Flażolet Orchestra as a flautist, playing the Irish tin whistle. She graduated from the geo-information at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan. Generally Patrycja navigates fluently in genres: ethno, world, ethno – pop, folk, folklore, acting song, entertainment music, etc. In her achievements you can hear a wide range of percussion instruments such as Bodhrán – typical of Irish culture, instruments related to the Middle East culture (Bendir, Duff, Doumbek etc.), Peruvian Cajon, Nigerian Udu or Tapan deriving from the Balkan countries and many others. Being part of a leading World Music bands in Poland has always allowed Patrycja to develop and improve her musical skills in various streams (music from different regions of the Balkan Peninsula, Celtic music, oriental music, Sephardic, Polish folk music, music coming from the areas of the Carpathians, electronic music, Afrobeat, African traditions etc.). The wide spectrum of musical fascinations and cooperation with bands from different streams also allowes Patrycja to be a session musician, permanently cooperating with the prestigious Viennese recording studio – Euro Acoustics. Patrycja also performs as a musician in Warsaw theatres – Drama Theatre, Athenaeum, Makata Street Theater, cabaret ‘Kabaret na Koniec Świata’ and so on.

Since the end of 2011 Patrycja has been the official Robert Forkner’s bodhráns endorser, as the only woman and one of the two non – Irish origin bodhranists who possess their own signature line.

Since 2015 she has been an official endorser of a polish cajons AW Cajon by Andrzej Wlodarczyk.


Patrycja does a great work as a teacher. She organizes individual and group drumming workshops for children, teenagers and adults. Permanently leads the rhythmic – musical classes in Montessori kindergarten in Wesola.

Patrycja also cooperates with the artistic agency ‘Amphora’ where using the drums she leads workshops for business integration. She has a broad experience in leading music auditions in educational institutions, workshops during picnics, city days, events for companies and many other cultural events.

Selected activities:

  • 1998, 2002, 2003 performances at Woodstock – Swarzędz Flażolet Orchestra.
  • 2001 recording the album “Synesthesis” and a performance on MTV Classic in the Zbigniew Holdys program “Holdys Guru Limited” – Kayanis.
  • 2003 participating in the recording sessions for album “Trees” at the invitation of Wojciech Hoffman. This CD won the prestigious award of the magazine ‘Guitar and Bass’.
  • 2005 II award (I award was not settled) at the “Mikołajki Folkowe” festival, Lublin 2005, where Patrycja won the award for subtlety of playing percussion instruments – Karpatia.
  • 2007 Grand Prix – award from the President of the Polish Radio on X Polish Radio folk festival “New Tradition” – Karpatia
  • 2007 award for outstanding instrumentalists during the 17th edition of “Mikołajki Folkowe” in Lublin – Danar.
  • 2011 performance at Woodstock – Shannon, Balkan Sevdah.
  • 2012 Same Suki band won a special prize in the Polish Radio ‘New Tradition’ competition – a recording sessions sponsored by Channel 2 of Polish Radio. Realization of the carol mystery called “Bethlehem”, written by the contemporary composer – Wojtek Błażejczyk in Szczecin.
  • 2013 recording the ‘Kayah & Transoriental Orchestra’ album, released by the Kayax Production & Publishing.
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