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Bodhrán – Robert Forkner


Patrycjas signature drum is the result of over 8 years of playing, testing, and highlighting aspects of a bodhran that give her the sounds, playability and look that helps define her style. Her signature model is made of a 14x 5.5diameter birch shell with deep red mahogany veneer and multiple coats of lacquer giving it a smooth finish. The skin is the heart of the drum and Patrycja has always preferred a medium to heavier thickness kangaroo skin for plenty of presence and a full, complex, powerful tone throughout the range of the instrument. The drum is of course hand-tensionable using 8 tri-star tuning knobs and carries a guarantee of quality workmanship. Each drum comes with Partycjas signature and is numbered. This is a unique combination of skin and shell and were happy to be able to make this drum available to players worldwide.

– Rob Forkner –

I have great pleasure to introduce and  offer bodhran made by Robert Forkner. All the more willingly share with you these informscjami because it is a signed model of my name. Long time ago, became the happy owner of a red, 14 inch bodhran. For over 12 years exploring the magic of this instrument, refining his technique, and learned new patents. I also realized that this model of bodhran have been created excatly for my needs. Now that I have tapped out millions of rhythms during these years, the old drum deserved renewal, and so arose a new one! This 14 “burgundy successor have been made of several layers of birch, mahogany veneer and ended with several layers of matte varnish. The skin, which was pulled over, is nothing but the skin of the kangaroo, which I believe is the best if you want to achieve both a deep, not hollow bass and large dynamic range of the drum. What is more there is a possibility of full control over the instrument, thanks to the tuning options of the 8 knobs, which fit fingers perfectly.

In summary my „numero 1”, as it was named by Rob, has a 14 “diameter, 5.5” depth, is available in different colors;)

All of that is offerd to you by one of the best bodhran makers in the world who will not only take care  about professional realisation and design of the drums but also introduce a long-term passions and experience in them.

However, after many years of my experience with several bodhran’s models, I can assure that this particular drum can give you not only the rhythm, but also a wide range of sound capabilities!

If you have any further questions or you are interested in buying bodhrán, please contact me. We will offer you a satisfactory price and more advice and pictures!

Sound sample below

AW Cajon – Andrzej Włodarczyk


AW Cajon are instruments made by Andrzej Wlodarczyk, who himself does not want to call explicitly neither a musician nor a instruments creator nor a collector. Andrzej says it’s just his passion.

He recently have visited me, bringing some instruments, which I liked at the first glance. Obviously the most important part was the sound. After the first play on each, fully-featured model, I knew clearly right away that Andrzej is making really great instruments. Besides he is very open to new experiments, sound suggestions. He is very humble, talented artist, who – I believe – every single manufacturer can be jealous about.A few words about the instruments itself. They are made of different wood materials such as native pine, birch, beech, oak; although if someone wants to have an instrument made of an exotic wood, nothing stands in the way to do it. Each cajon can be configured according to customer preferences. These drums differ in a wall thicknesses, they can posses an additional external spring, so that the musician can adjust the sound.

What is also not without significance, instruments can be done graphically as suggested by the customer.

One of my private cajones is designed so that each wall has a different sound. I can successfully control the sound of the instrument and adapt them to the concert conditions (less or more bass, more or without springs, etc.). I also have a silencer that reduces bass rumbling depending on the acoustics of the concert room.

To all drum options Andrzej decided to produce small percussion such as: the effects of hi-hat, shakers and tamburines kept on foot or tambourine applied to a finger. He also tests a different kind of cajon brushes and drum feet beaters for the people who use Cajon as a bass drum. In one word – what more could we want…

Cajon is a relatively young company on the Polish market, but I am convinced that in a very short time it will become a respected and recognizable brand among musicians looking for an uncommon sound in their sets of instruments.

For further details please contact

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