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Tuition on the kid drum kit

Does your kid want to learn how to play drums? Is your kid fascinated with the rhythms and the drum sound? I offer individual tuition on the drum kit adjusted especially for the young children.

Through games and play we’re going to get to know the basic rhythms and styles. The tuition also includes games with background, warm-up exercises , rhythm games etc.

I will prepare your child to music schools entrance exams. The course of the tuition is always adjusted to the individual predispositions of the student.

If you want to make your child’s free time nicer through creative entertainment and learning at the same time… you’ve found the right person!


Private tuition

Private teaching in playing the following percussion instruments: bodhran, cajon and doumbek.

Regardless of your age and level I’m going to help you in further training or teach you how to play from the scratch. We’re going to explore the technique, improve on the sound, correct position of the body, concentration etc.

I going to show you the rhythms originating from the various parts of the world (North Africa, Balkans, Middle East, Celtic, Poland and more).

Odd time signatures (often met with in Balkan music, various Latino-American styles or funk rhythms) won’t be a mystery to you anymore.

It is for you to choose whether the tuition is going to take place at your house or at the suitable place chosen by me.


Drum workshop

You haven’t got the idea how to make your kid’s free time more interesting? Or maybe you need something out of the ordinary at a cultural event? Drum workshop courses is the right answer!

Youngsters, teens or parents – the fun with the rhythm – no matters age.

I’ll hold the workshop courses on djembe, cajon, bodhran etc. on a one-off basis or cyclically as a course.

The aim of the workshops is development the talents and individual skills and the assimilation of the theoretical knowledge on the history, functions of the earlier mentioned instruments.

During the workshops partakers will have a chance to increase their musical and rhythm-motional sensibility and the concentration through simple games based on the rhythms coming from North and West Africa and the Middle East.

I will introduce simple music forms and more complicated ones which only judging by appearances seem difficult and incomprehensible. I will make you assimilate the interrelationships between the sound and silence.

We’re going to clasp our hands, sing and play the drums – just having great time and fun with the rhythm!

For further details please contact.

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